Chasing Toronto

Chasing Toronto - student project

What's up guys - before I even introduce myself, just want to say thank you for Jamal for the great Skillshare and for being a huge inspiration. I've been following his work for about 2 years and every photo always amazes me. 

My name is Mitul, you can find me on most social networks under the name @typicalmitul. I'm an IT Student and aspiring photographer based out of Toronto, Canada. 

I've uploaded my work below to the respective catergories, really hope you guys like them and if you do, check out more of my work (or come say hi) here: 
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Look Up: 

Look Up's are my favourite thing to shoot, but this one right here is my favourite. 


I gotta work on these and make them more interesting, been practing a lot lately. With this one below, I wanted to capture him walking through the black lines, thankfully got the perfect stride as well. 

And that's it! Hope you guys liked the work. I'd appreciate any and all feedback, always striving to improve everything I do.