Character design project

Character design project - student project


Here's my inspiration board on pinterest. I already had an account with some pins so I just added some new boards including 'characters' where I hope to find some great images for the next few days!


Okay so I just downloaded a new ipad sketching app that I tried to use for my sketches.

The drawings came out a little more rough than normally because I was just trying to get used to the app. I have also included my brainstorming session for my character. I think I'm going to go with the first character (tree troll). Character design project - image 1 - student projectCharacter design project - image 2 - student project


A few more sketches I did this morning. I'm planning on taking one of the sketches and cleaning it up/drawing over it in photoshop today to get some more details etc.

Character design project - image 3 - student projectCharacter design project - image 4 - student project


Here's my refined photoshope sketch. I ended up going with this duo of characters.. Now to move into illustrator!

Character design project - image 5 - student project


I just wanted to start by saying I love the videos and I feel like I have learned so much. Here's the first character I have been working on. I'm still working on the whale too since it seemed to get some positive comments so I'll post that one later. I might still play around with more textures + colors!

Illustrator shapes:

Character design project - image 6 - student project

Final photoshop character:

Character design project - image 7 - student project


Working on some different color options for my whale pirate character!

Character design project - image 8 - student project

Character design project - image 9 - student project


Worked on a new character today with the new brushes that Matt shared today. Loving the brushes so far!

Here's my work for my pirate character.

Character design project - image 10 - student projectCharacter design project - image 11 - student project

Character design project - image 12 - student project

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