Character Development: John Dou

Character Development: John Dou - student project

Age: Unknown 

Species: Android

Ethnicity: Asian

Gender: Male

Appearance: Long black hair, clean shaved, 5’11’’(about average), 354lb (because of all the guns within him), brown eyes (cybernetic blue when “active”), muscular. Has sealed tear on torso (looks like a human scar).

Family: Human woman whom he loved, The Society who created him.

Orientation: N/A (has only and WILL ONLY love once: human woman)

Education: Developed to appear human in order to attract real humans, and has a human brain which allows for emotion and better interconnection (reinforce trust).

Job: To find remaining humans and bring them to 'The Society' (in an ongoing attempt to ‘bring humanity back’)


GOAL: Save/protect human child from 'The Society' (as their way of preserving human life isn't right).

MOTIVATION: Was the last request of previous human he encoutered (he also loved her).

CONFLICT: Hunted by Society for killing the previous human, and by Pirates for betrayal. Wants to preserve his own life but compelled to keep child safe which only brings more danger to him.