Character Design With Story

Character Design With Story - student project

Zookeeper 1: my initial image of a zookeeper. 

-Does she like her job? (no! she thought it was going to be a lot more fun than it actually is.) 
-Why is she still here? (she needs the money to put herself through school.) 
-What's she in school for? (psychology. lots of late nights fuelled by way too much caffeine.) 
-Why doesn't she like being a zookeeper? (the opportunities to work with the animals are limited, and usually she's either out dealing with crowds or behind the scenes cleaning the exhibits.) 
-What's her favorite animal to work with? (penguins. they're social and she likes watching them interact with each other.) 
-Does she have any bad habits? (she stress eats and chews her nails.) 
-What does she do for fun? (she plays board games with her friends; scrabble's her favorite.)