Character Creations

Character Creations - student project

I'm really enjoying this class. I drew a few characters that were already created by other artists to get an idea of what others are doing as I have never really done anything like this before. I've included those sketches here as well. I also don't have any kind of tablet so I just used good ol' pencil and paper. I also wanted to practice photoshop and illustrator as I'm just learning those so I took the sketch to final illustration in those two programs. 

I'm looking forward to doing the dog and the horse :)


My Sketches:Character Creations - image 1 - student project

Other's Characters:Character Creations - image 2 - student project

My Character Ideas:Character Creations - image 3 - student project


My Final Sketch:Character Creations - image 4 - student project


And...the final product:Character Creations - image 5 - student project

Character Creations - image 6 - student project

Character Creations - image 7 - student project

...and the horses (I found this one the most difficult)...hmmm. But finally I guess I can say I'm finished. I LOVED the class, Hayden!

Character Creations - image 8 - student project

Character Creations - image 9 - student project