Challenge done

Challenge done - student project

Today I did the first drawing using the prompt "Journey". I will keep updating the next drawings here as I go along!


This is from day 1 - Journey


 Day 2 - Cloud-watching (it was kind of cute until I tried to write on it using the brush... sigh)

 ... then I tried to turn my "mistake" into something else.


 Day 3 - Feelin' a little bit slow (which meant something detailed, for me)


Day 4 - Shake it up!


Day 5 - Metamorphosis

 Day 6 - Metamorphosis #2

Day 7 - Crowd of creatures


Day 8 - Colors & more colors


Day 9 - Flatten it out


Day 10 - Thread

Day 11 - Transform me

Day 12 - Structure


Day 13 - Take 2


Day 14 - Texture


I just wanted to say how much I learned and enjoyed this journey. Thank you so much, Marie-Noëlle, for making this class. I love your art and I love your classes!