Cascata do Rabo do Burro

Cascata do Rabo do Burro - student project

This image has been created solely with the techniques that Daniel has kindly shared in his excellent course; I didn't even make adjustments in camera raw. I tried to use as many tricks and tips from the course as possible. It would be great to receive a critique.

About the location:
Madeira Island in Portugal is the home of the largest surface area of Laurissilva, designated a World Heritage site by UNESCO. Laurissilva is an endemic laurel forest that used to cover Europe before the last Ice Age; it has survived in some of the Atlantic Islands of Macaronesia.

This waterfall, called Cascata do Rabo do Burro (donkey's tail waterfall, in a free translation from Portuguese), lies deep within Madeiran Laurissilva and it is truly a pristine secluded gem which is difficult to reach.

Cascata do Rabo do Burro - image 1 - student project