Card Printing with Found Objects & Carved Objects

Card Printing with Found Objects & Carved Objects - student project

I knew I wanted to make some cards for Valentine's Day, so I started out by testing a lot of different objects around the house.

I did a bunch of different trials using different objects. I also carved a beet and an eraser, because I knew I wanted some specific shapes that suggested plants.

In the image above, the vertical straight lines are from the wheels of a toy car. The round blossoms are from the end of a wine cork. The hearts are from a carved beet, and the flower stems are from a carved eraser.

After a lot of printing and a lot of serendipity, I finally realized I liked the simple design of the black stems and the pink geometric "blooms."

So here's my final valentine made with a carved eraser for the stems, the square cap of a marker for the small blooms and a carved beet for the heart.

I've printed these on a heavier-weight bamboo paper to make a sturdier valentine.