Can ESA cats help with sleep disorders?

Can ESA cats help with sleep disorders? - student project



Have you heard about animal-assisted therapy?


Or maybe you have heard about the animals helping you to fall asleep when you are awake due to anxiety or insomnia.


If you have not heard about both ideas, maybe you are depriving yourself of the sleep that can help you get rid of the thoughts that bother you at midnight. This is no hidden fact that everyone loves to fall asleep and people with sleeping disorders look for a solution that can help them out in the hour of need.


In this regard, apart from the medication, animals can become your companion in overcoming the sleeping disorder. It may surprise you but this is what we call animal-assisted therapy too.


The animal is the core part of this therapy as the psychologists or the therapist suggest people to involve pets in their lives to overcome mental disorders. Especially, people are instructed to get an ESA dog because they prove to be a beneficial addition in their lives. With the emotional support letter, they act as an assistant in their daily tasks. 


When it comes down to insomnia or minor sleep disorders due to other mental illnesses, pets can be a huge plus point for you, especially cats.


Maybe the idea of having a cat with you in the bedroom does look strange to you but, it’s a truth that is accepted by scientists too. Having a cat with you can help you to fall asleep even when you are going through a rough patch of time.


Their soft touch and loving nature can act as a painkiller for the pain and anxiety.


Now, let's come to the question of how ESA cats can help with sleep disorders?


Mainly, sleep disorders start with stress, anxiety, and depression and the cat acts as an antidepressant medicine for you because of the happy hormone they help produce in your body. Scientific research has approved that cats produce oxytocin which increases the feeling of love and affection in the person, and for a time being, people can come out of stressful situations. This hormone can be a great motivation for you to sleep peacefully for some time.


Cats are not only for producing the happy hormone but their constant and loyal partnership can relieve the stress and pain that you may feel due to your mental health. They stay with you in hard times and give you a sense of comfort which relieves your nerves and calms your brain. Ultimately it helps you to get sleep too.


Now, you must be wondering if cats can stay with you in bed overnight?


The answer to this question is quite debatable as some experts believe that you should not leave cats with you overnight because of the allergic reaction they cause while some experts believe that cats are very useful in treating the sleep disorder of patients, especially those who have esa letter for housing, as they are emotionally connected to the cats. Their presence can give them a sense of security and love that is not deniable.


So, what is the professional opinion about it?


Some of the professionals believe that cats and other animals are the natural co-habitants of humans; that’s why they are declared as their best friends. If they are sleeping with the pet, it feels like they are hugging a family member which automatically releases the extra stress from their mind and they can easily fall asleep. Moreover have the decision to apply for an esa letter through online sources.




You can also take into account the nightmares.


If we talk about the people with panic attacks and anxiety, they are most confronted by the nightmare which is the part of their subconscious mind. So, if the person has a living being with him,, the chances of nightmares are very low. 70% of Americans claim that hugging their cats or dogs during the night can prevent their chances of seeing any nightmare and that’s why they do plan to get an emotional support animal letter for themselves. This suggests that the presence of cats can help you deal with nightmares.


Now let’s talk about another sleep disorder in which cats can be helpful:




Now you must be wondering how cats can help with narcolepsy?


So, I am here to state a fact that animals can sense your narcolepsy as this attack occurs due to the loss of muscle control and it can ultimately lead to injuries. So, if you are having an attack, your cat can sense it and wake you up from sleep which can help you a lot in overcoming the sleeping disorders. Hence, a cat can be your lifesaver here too. After you understand how to get an esa for housing so that you can live freely with your dog in your favorite house.



Does all this information come as a surprise to you that cats are very useful for your sleeping disorder and they aid you in overcoming certain health conditions? So, now you can easily go and adopt a cute little ESA cat and keep it in your home for emotional support and for better sleep.