Calligraphic Motif for Pattern

Calligraphic Motif for Pattern - student project

When I was eight years old I received a Speedball pen and nib set and the C nibs quickly became my enemy.  I ripped every single sheet of typing paper I attempted to write on.  But now with this parallel pen, I can create what I only used to dream of.  

After working through the exercise sheets several times, I concentrated on the "kite" shape and then refined one half of it.  I then used a light under my translucent drawing board to use that half as a guide.  I then flipped it and competed the other side, only to smear it.  It was really tempting to use my Ph. Martin's Bleed Proof White, but I  thought I could benefit from practice by doing it over.  Besides, it's always easier when you have to do it the second time.  

I have no intention of getting a tattoo.  I like the rough quality of the edges I got by using Rhodia's Dot Grid paper.  Once I cleaned up the motif in Photoshop, I traced it in Illustrator and turned it into a rustic repeat pattern for fabric at Spoonflower.

I really enjoyed this class and I'm off to work on Strong Lines 2.