Calendar for letter lovers

Calendar for letter lovers - student project

Hi all,

I took the class back in August and I really loved it. My experience in acrylic painting was little 'cause I didn't had fun in University classes. But to paint letters got me hooked.

I've a small letterpress studio in Berlin and normally print with wood and metal type. Painting is a total different process. I sat down in my freetime and practised painting in layers and did it over and over again. 

It was so much fun that I worked out a full calendar. I learned a lot during the process: I made mistakes with the shadows, I overpainted colours with too low contrast, I used too much water etc.

But at the end I found my favourite brushes, my favourite colours and I thought about the shadows and layers before I start painting. I will definitely keep painting letters and will try words or quotes and not only single letters. 

Here're some images of the letters and the process. The calendar is now on etsy.

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Thanks to Jeff for this wonderful class,