Cake & Yoga Club | The Art of TLC

Cake & Yoga Club | The Art of TLC - student project

Brand story - 

Whilst starting out as a yoga teacher in London, I noticed that people often just came to their mat, practiced yoga and left without speaking to a soul. 

In a big city like London, I found it sad that yoga has become just another thing to do solo - and I wanted to change that. 

With my passion for baking (and cake in general) I wanted to combine the two. Cake is a symbol of community and celebration, and I believe it goes hand in hand with yoga and the art of TLC (tender loving care). 

My goal was also to challenge the narrative of yoga = good and cake = bad. Self care should never be put into good / bad boxes, it is all about finding what nourishes you and makes you happy. 

As it says on the CAYC (cake and yoga club) website:

"Yoga ain't all about green juice, vegan grub, fancy clothes or touching toes. Yoga is the simplicity of feeling good."

Audience - 

My intention with CAYC was to ensure everyone was welcome. It started as a very community based passion project (in the park on a Sunday) as I am a Sweaty Betty brand ambassador and the requirement of that was to have presence within the community. 

I noticed overtime that people were traveling from all over London (and beyond) to attend sessions. My audience is mostly:

Young women (who also bring their partners sometimes!) from early twenties to late 40s. 

Enjoy baking, prosecco and practicing yoga

Mainly city based (the ones who attend IRL events) 

Some have young children

Others are groups of friends trying to find something fun to do for a birthday or get together

Solo people who are looking to make friends and actually chat to other people!

They enjoy looking after themselves and are willing to invest in that TLC.

Voice -

Five Adjectives:

Fun, Inspiring, Inclusive, Funny, Warm


^ summer vibe - Mix of interviews (Cake With...), quotes, testimonials, recipes, nuggets of inspiration.

Brand: Cake & Yoga Club

Tagline: The Art of TLC

Slogan: Yoga, cake, new friends, old friends, good times, soul soothing, grooving, The Art of TLC. 



^ autumn vibe - same voice - different visuals to suit the season. 


FRAME (creative & fun fitness classes - I teach here!) -  "born out of the mantra that getting fit shouldn't be a chore" 

HOUSE OF VOGA (vogue inspired yoga) - "a fabulously fun way to get fit, toned and flexible"


YOGA BRUNCH CLUB - Yoga Brunch Club runs events in beautiful venues around London and Bristol. Winding down and stretching out your weekend with yoga and a well earned 3 course brunch.

It hasn't been easy to find direct competitors for Cake & Yoga Club - as I haven't seen these two combined this this before (which is why I started). But from these; Frame and House of Voga I can see have a specific focus on fitness rather than self care / TLC. Yoga brunch club of course sounds similar although the offering is different and I believe so are the target audience. 

Visual identity - 

The vision is to one day open up a permanent physical space (we are currently a pop up) to really create a solid foundation and community hub. Of course this will include a cafe (cake!) and a yoga studio. This will also house other workshops and activities for people to get involved with. 

Online I would like people to feel like same connection - encouraging people to join the conversation via Q's on Instagram stories, polls and so on. As well as offering recipes, interviews as well as a monthly newsletter - although this definitely needs work. 

People seem to really love uplifting quotes and cool illustrations. 

Partners - 

Sweaty Betty is the current partner for CAYC - they provide vouchers, discounts and goody bags for people who attend the club. I am looking to grow this consistently (one day a joint campaign? I can dream!)


Personal brand...

This is something I have totally let go of since starting Cake & Yoga Club (and my teacher training last year). Before I was really focussed, and this is definitely something I am to reattain. This time with slightly different (BTS of business, personal, baking, yoga teaching). 

It's clear that I have no idea what 'style' I want! This definitely doesn't help with consistency. 

Need to work out whether to use the same pre-set as CAYC so it is aligned or just go with a totally unique style. 

But this will be my next focus (as well as keeping on the ball with the brand) - but I am going to start slow and eventually build up so I can return to previous regularity of content. 

Thank you SO much Cyndi - such a helpful and eye opening class, exactly what I needed at this stage. 

Check out Cake & Yoga Club on our website and Instagram @cakeandyogaclub.