Butterfly and Flora Hanging Hearts

Butterfly and Flora Hanging Hearts - student project

This is the first heart that I made.  After deciding to fold the butterfly I foud that I had a large open area.  It didn't look right so I added some wording that I simply typed and printed onto regular copy paper and then stuck onto coordinating blue paper to tie the various elements together.


Here I played around with the positioning of the foliage and used an open butterfly.

For this heart, I wanted the butterfly to be a statement so I resized it before printing and cutting it out.  I decided to frame it by using foliage around the outside of the heart. 


Although the final example is not a heart I wanted to show some of the different backgrounds from the sets that I referenced.  I didn't use the foliage here because they are quite time-consuming to cut and I wanted to show that you could still achieve a nice result without having to use them.


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