Business Model/Skills and Experience

Business Model/Skills and Experience - student project

I have extensive experience writing professionally but have been unemployed for two years, so this was a chance to review my skills and try to reframe them to be more attractive to clients. Working on retainer and remotely is ideal for me, and that can include blogging, ghostwriting, reporting, PR work, and more depending on the need. Some of the ideas I cobbled together are: Writing for bookstores and libraries about banned and challenged books and the value of the freedom to read what we choose; Writing a blog or column for businesses or nonprofits focused on mitigating the effects of climate change to help the public understand their work; Writing about waste management and creative reuse in crafts and elsewhere. None of these feel lucrative enough to be sustainable which has been a consistent problem for me, but they represent a good start as far as rethinking my work goes.