Burger buns and braided bread

Burger buns and braided bread - student project

Thank you Shubranshu Bhandoh for this amazing lesson. 

I finally baked the best bread ever.

I followed the recipe diligently and I wrote down some mistakes I made when it came time to bake the bread.

In the electric oven I have used the ventilation function, otherwise the burger buns would have browned very quickly on the surface. I baked in two rows. First  the buns then I baked the braided ones and after the buns I had the impression that the oven was much too hot and I baked the braided ones at 180 degrees, the process took longer and they did not brown properly. I really should have kept it at 200 as called for in the recipe.

I also didn't have any sesame or poppy seeds in the house, so I used salt for the buns and for the others I didn't add anything.

Although it seems difficult at first when you see that you have to wait many hours for the fermentation process, in reality the process is not that demanding and the result is worth it.

A super tasty bread that was quickly devoured by the whole family.

I plan to go through all the recipes every weekend and hopefully be able to add the results here.

Until then, thanks for all the wisdom and I look forward to new lessons!