Bumble bee in gouache

Bumble bee in gouache - student project

Thanks Alice, for yet another amazing class! Great and very clear explanation and really useful tips! But also concise enough for it to not get overwhelming.

Since I'm not that familiar with the medium (I usually opt for watercolour or coloured pencils) I had a go at painting a gouache bumble bee, and I loved it! Didn't spend too much time on this one (as you can probably tell by the amount of detail on it), but I'd love to do a huge, really detailed piece (and came across a bunch of really great macro photography references of different types of bees), so this might be a 'to be continued...'!

Anyway, this is how it turned out:

Bumble bee in gouache - image 1 - student project


Thanks again Alice!

Anna Sieben

Medical Illustrator