Buddha's Tea (Fictional Project)

Buddha's Tea (Fictional Project) - student project

Hi, my name is Pedro Ramírez and I am Graphic Designer born and raised in México. Buddha's Tea is just a fictional project I work with on my free time to keep busy. I intend to design the brand identity for the product applying it to the packaging of at least 2 herbal teas. English is my second language so please excuse any grammatical error.



Buddha’s Tea is an all-natural product, inspired by the peaceful meditative practices in Asian cultures combined with a contemporary style of life; promoting taking time for one self and relax. Buddha’s Tea offers different kinds of herbal teas with beneficiary properties for the human body.



To create a cohesive brand identity reflecting the product ideas and values.



Men and women age 18 and up with an interest and likes of drinking tea and enjoying peaceful moments in their life.



Feel good, take some time and enjoy peaceful moments.



Different brands of tea.



• Buddha’s Tea uses only exotic herbal plants that benefit body and mind with its  properties.

• All the ingredients come from fair trade.



• Use nature inspired graphics with a contemporary touch.

• Use a colorful pallet.



• Natural

• Contemporary

• Relaxing

• Friendly

• Unpretentious 

-Mood Board

-Color Palette

Since I want to create a few deliverables for the project, like packaging (2 flavors if possible), coasters, giftbox, postcard, bookmark etc etc; I think this gives me a bigger selection of colors that I need. I selected this few colors for the deliverables I have in mind and still tried to separate them in the three categories (Primary, secondary and neutral) but sitll having second thoughts if I am doing it right.

Any feedback and comments would be nice and appreciated. (Also, any ideas for the branding deliverables would be great)


- Graphic Elements

Finally an update! I've been working these past weeks –in the little spare time I had– on the Graphic Elements along with a mock-up for a Buddha's Tea packaging. The patterns I used are inspired by the shape of the logo, the dots are also from the logo. I will update the project with some photos of the mock-up as soon as possible. Hope you like it!

- Package

Here is a preview of the Graphic Elements being used on the package design, I am currently working on the photos of the mock-up, hope you like it!

- Package Mock-up

After working a few hours putting everything together I present to you a few views of the package mock-up. Any comments would be nice and appreciated, hope you like it!