Bring Your Own Laughter

Bring Your Own Laughter - student project

I can't say enough good things about this class, I gained so much from following the whole deal. I took the class because I had customized a menu in BS4, and there are so many classes to figure out, it reminds me of Wordpress. I was stuck and wasting my time. There's not a whole lot of info on BS4 anyway, it's still in Alpha. So Dan, you are THE MAN, I got everything I needed, and then some. I used CS6, and it all worked well.

Above is extra large, I made four sizes altogether.

Above is the desktop size. I used the "Hello World" color variations which was crucial in helping me see if the nav was working right. It wasn't, but that visual cue saved me a lot of time. I kept it in the final versions.

Above is the tablet and below the mobile. On the tablet, I'd put more padding in the menu if it was a real site. As you mentioned, Google would ding me for fat-finger for sure.

Thanks, Dan, Happy New Year, and FREE BEER!