Brian + Megan

Brian + Megan - student project

Milestone I: Decide on a subject for your film

My friend Brian proposed to his girlfriend, Megan. I was originally supposed to film the actual proposal, but I could only make it to the after-party, which Brian arranged with all us friends as a surprise for Megan.

Milestone II: Film your establishing shot

It was a "hotel room" party at the Ace in Downtown LA. I didn't get any shots of the building or scenery as much as the room itself. Gonna have to work with this. Thinking I might linger on the door of the room, before Megan enters.

Milestone III: Introduce a human subject

I'll probably jump cut from the above to here. I should've moved to get a reaction sooner, but I didn't want to hinder Megan from entering as she was already hesitating a lot (understandably taken aback).

Milestone IV: Add music

This is just a personal project (not commercial), so I'm going to use this song by The Willowz. I think it was in the Eternal Sunshine soundtrack.

Excited to show a couple rough cuts soon!