BreakWhat? - student project

Well, here are my speed drawings! First I used a black pen for everything but couldn't distinguish between legs and line of action sometimes, quite annoying. So I remembered I have a two color pencil and I am so happy for give it some use finally!

I had some trouble with the bonus project, didn't really know what some expressions mean (not a native speaker, you know). So I had to pause the video and google them. YES, I CHEATED!!! Anyway, once everything was clear, in 15 seconds I just could draw one little fellow for each category. The exception is breakdancing, I couldn't draw even one. My dancers are kind of weird, just invented a brand new dance: the breakwhat? Hahaha

The truth is that is a very useful practice and I had a great time doing it! So thank you so much, Christine, you are such a great teacher and I'm really enjoying all your classes!