Braunstein Illustration

Braunstein Illustration - student project

I'm only halfway through this course, so I'm beginning to adjust the storefront elements of WooCommerce.  There's been a few headaches, but only ones that were created on my end.  Most of the issues I've had have been easily fixed with a couple of Google searches.  I've begun building websites multiple times in the past and just abandoned them once they were live. 

However, I've really been enjoying this course, and the class instructions have been really easy to follow.  Make sure and read the other students' notes pinned on the videos as well!  They've helped quite a few times when plugins and interfaces have updated.  

I've included my link to my website for anyone else interested.

Thanks Chris for this incredibly informative and easy to adapt course.  Having a visual step-by-step aid has made a necessary task much less daunting.


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