Branding: The Multidisciplinary What?

Branding: The Multidisciplinary What? - student project

1. My Current Personal Brand
Basically, it's something like this:

I'm a writer, illustrator, and musician based in the Netherlands. 
I'm also a music and a writing teacher, and am planning to teach illustration as well.

Not really much of a solid brand or brand description, is it?

My Business
I'm not sure how to define myself as one brand.
I'm an artist with different specialties, and broad interests.
It's always been that way, and my 16-year-old creative business has always been fluid.
Eight years ago I also added teaching to the mix.
To make things even more complicated: I started (mostly) nationally with offline creative products and offline teaching, but the last couple of years I've started taking my business online, and am slowly taking it internationally as well. 
This means I work in Dutch on some platforms and projects, and in English on others, and that my target audiences are changing.

Different sub-brands
Normally, I present myself as several different "brands" depending on my target audience and platforms (e.g. websites and social media).
For example, on my (Dutch) writing retreat website, I present myself as a writing teacher plus writer.
On my (Dutch) music lesson website, I present myself as a music teacher plus musician, and so on.
On these and my other websites I do mention my other displines, but the focus is always on the specific trade I offer services in.
On social media it's the same: Pinterest? Illustrator. Goodreads? Writer. And so on ...
The mood on each platform is different, but if possible, I try to keep the look and feel consistent, and use the same portrait photo.
However, my biographies are usually different, with a focus on the appropriate "sub-brand".

I do all this for clarity towards the customer (people tend to get confused or think you can't possibly be truly skilled when you say you do different things), and so far it seems to be working well enough.
However, I'm starting to get a little tired of showing so many different faces, and having so many links on all my websites, social media, and in my business emails ...
Sometimes I feel like a muddled, creative monster of Frankenstein.

Branding Goals 
I'd like to build an international website under my own name where I can mention all my activities, and then people can take it from there and visit my other websites and social media. Let's call it my "home website".
Also, instead of feeling like different persons or sub-brands, I'd also love to present myself as one person or one brand on different platforms. Perhaps use the same basic biography, with a few tweaks for the approriate platform.
In short: I'd like to create a stronger/one strong brand, a theme, tagline, and more overall coherence.
By taking this class I hope to discover a common thread in my various disciplines (besides "creativity" and "teaching"), and find something I can work with in the future.

2a. Worksheet 1

2b. Worksheet 2

3. My New Brand Statement
Judy Koot is a multidisciplinary artist and teacher dedicated to creativity, making the best work she can, and sharing it with, and inspiring, others.

Multidisciplinary Artist & Teacher