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Story Arc

A. Beginning:

1. Exposition- Setting is located at Gobi Desert where Mr. Timothy Rothwell is standing beside a tomb for the purpose of excavation.

2. Conflict- Mr. Rothwell is bewildered and breathtakingly amazed seeing the meticulous stone work done on the tomb and he is instantly filled with hesitation regarding opening the tomb lid or not. In his subconscious mind he feels that something out of the ordinary is going to happen if he lifts the lid.

B. Middle:

1. Rising Action: After overcoming his internal conflict of whether to open the lid or not, Mr. Rothwell finally opens it. The first thing that catches his attention is a mummified body of a person that sems to have a height of around 7 feet and of heavy built. The entire body is wrapped with white clothes usually used for mummification. But he is bewildered beyond words seeing a Samsung Galaxy Ultra 23 cell phone lying inside the tomb beside the mummified body.

2. Climax: Before he can kneel down and take a closer look at the cell phone, the phone begins to ring flashing the name " Blast From the Past". In utter disbelief he receives the call and to his surprise he hears an automated voice message from the contemporary service provider announcing some offer on talk time mentioning the eligibility criteria for availing the offer. 


C. End:

1. Falling Action: Mr. Rothwell is no longer doubtful that the cell phone is of present time as the service provider that he just heard is the same service provider that he uses for his cell phone. But what baffles him is that how come a modern day cell phone be lying beside a mummy that was put here centuries back. Is it a trick of someone to have planted a cell phone to scare away an archeologist who would come along someday for excavation purpose? Afterall the announcement of their coming has been made weeks back. Could it be a practical joke by someone?

2. Resolution: He further explores the cell phone and looks at the gallery section. He finds various pictures of the tomb itself as well as the casket. There is no call records other than the one that he just received from the service provider. Further he checks out the Note section and there he finds the following drafted: "Hey Time Traveler! Finally you have made your way to my tomb. Trust you are not thinking of bagging the valuables that were put along my body in the casket, hahahhaha. 

No, if you are an honest and hard working archeologist, which I am sure all archeologists are, otherwise who would go through the trouble of digging old tombs and making a profession out of this mundane chore, you would leave alone the valuables.

So  let me not fiddle with your mind anymore and tell you that last week when we came to know that a team of archeologists are coming here on our desert I decided to surprise you in a creative, out of the box manner, by placing this cell phone, which by the way belongs to my pig of a brother who just bought it last month. 

Sincerely hope you will enjoy this little joke of mine because I had to go to great lengths in using our own excavation tools to pick up this particular tomb and open the casket and place the phone and restore things as they were so that you do not have a single shred of doubt that the tomb has already been rattled while you do your little excavation business.

Shocked much? How could I do the excavation myself? You see, you educated people think very low of us- locals. The premises where you have set foot today have been the grounds where we have been born and raised. These premises are not new for us and even before it became public knowledge that there is a tomb located here, we, the local kids, could identify and breakthrough it. Smarter than your lot, I guess! Hahaha"

Mr. Rothwell reads the Note again and again with a visible sign of astonishment at first which gradually shifts to a smirk of unbelievable ridicule. He finally lets the light of the cell phone die and pockets the phone in his trouser murmuring" Kiddo, nice joke, impressive! But I am not even that honest that I will let go off this new model of Samsung cell phone. I just broke my Samsung Galaxy Ultra 22 the other day. Good, that I am now upgrading to the latest version of Samsung Galaxy Ultra 23 which I was planning to buy. You happened to save some bucks for me, thanks." Mr. Rothwell then winks and calls for his crew to come inside and carry on with their pre-assigned jobs.


Character Profile:

Timothy Rothwell is a man in mid-forties with athletic body type and a baby face which makes him seem way younger than he actually is, one of the reasons why no one outside of his work circle believes at first that he is an archeologist and that also a renowned one with some accolades and merits paved along his professional career. The charm of his face and body language which he uses while interacting with people have lasting impact on people, so much so that he is still hounded by his ex-flames who are now mothers to adolescent children and in comparison to him they look like his aunts. A private joke which he takes joy in but never admits publicly. This is one of the reasons why he has maintained his bachelorhood till now. Deep down he is a snob and narcissist who thinks no woman is good enough for him to settle with. Although, he maintains a humble and down to earth attitude while dealing with people but that is simply a mask that he puts on while interacting with people. What goes on the other side of the mask will require further excavation to be found out.