Birthday Card for my Muslim friend

Birthday Card for my Muslim friend - student project

As a very special birthday card for my best friend I decided to paint a Muslim woman wearing a hijab. The original watercolor painting looks like this:

(Unfortunately, I am not a good painter :D But I'm working on it!)

Afterwards, I used Gimp to delete some of the areas that I wanted to fade into the desert. I also put a watercolor filter and played with the contrast etc.

In the last step, I inserted the photo of a caravan in the desert of Saudi-Arabia. (I edited the photo beforehand.) Then, I put "Happy Birthday" in Arabic on the top. (I have no idea if it's written in the right way; I asked Google Translate. So let's hope the best! :D)

So, I basically put the two assignments together and just created one single piece. It was a load of fun! I hope my friend will like it!

Thank you for this great course!