Bike Life tshirt design

Bike Life tshirt design - student project

I 'borrowed' the truck image from the original design, put bikes on the roof for a bike-themed design, and did my back-and-forths between ai, printing, and adjusting, before putting it through ps and adding watercolour brushes and texture. Drawing and filling the awkward bike shapes in ps was a right pain!I printed and cut out around the print to lay on a real tshirt to see how it looked.Made a few adjustments to it in ps to make small text look chunkier. Finally I tried different colourways and made my specsheet in ai.

As it is just a project I didn't get it printed for real but I used a mock-up in ps to see how it might look if it was.Thanks for the great tutorial Ray, all the info is much appreciated, and thanks so much for sharing your process :)