Beyond the Sea

Beyond the Sea - student project

I've always loved the water-- in particular the ocean with its unpredictability. Every ocean has its own rhythm, its own beat, its own wave of emotions. Each body of water has witnessed their fair share of sudden danger and spontaneous play above, as an underwater life-and-death exchange continues uninterrupted down below. 

The sound of the waves. The taste of the salt. The feel of the sand. And the sight of the tides in push-pull slow-motion energizes me, yet allows me that needed sense of calm. Whatever the setting, I feel at home and at peace when I find sea. It takes me to a place of mindfulness and awareness, beyond the triviality of my day-to-day routines.

  • These were taken last year, around the time I started to take my photography more seriously and started to feel more comfortable with sharing my perspective. 
  • I struggle every now and then on what overarching brand I want to convey, and I used to obsess over any subtle inconsistencies I may have unknowingly displayed. I also used to fear sharing with others what my eye and soul was really seeing. But I also realize how fortunate it is that my photos have always illustrated my true mood during those moments of the capture and editing process. I mean isn't that the beauty of human emotions, with its uncertainties, mood swings and inconsistencies? Isn't that what authenticity is all about-- to be truly vulnerable, ever-changing and exposed?
  • In embracing this, my goal now is to focus more on going-with-the-flow so as to organically capture that desired serendipity that appears alongside my wave of emotions. In that moment.  
  • I've been experimenting with my photography now more than ever, while learning more and more each day. But these 6 photos still make me smile the most-- I know I can always rely on these images when I crave that feeling of calm. Who knows how my future images will make me feel. 

'Beyond the Sea' // IG: valerie_francisco