Best Foot Massage Ever

Best Foot Massage Ever - student project

I gave my wife a foot massage using the instructions from the videos, and she didn't want me to stop :). Now I have give her one every night! 

How did your friend feel before and after the massage?

Before the massage my wife was pretty exhausted from taking care of our baby all day. So needless to say, she felt a-maz-ing afterwards.

How did you feel after giving the massage?

For the most part I felt great, but my thumbs were pretty sore by the end of the massage. Especially down in the palm area of my hands.

What was your favorite technique?

I think both my and my wife's favorite technique was the inchworm crawing up and down the foot. I liked it because it was pretty simple to do, and she loved the way it felt.

Thanks Stacy for an awesome class! I know my wife appreciates it :). 

I hope some of you can appreciate my photo reference.

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