Berry + Orange Ice Cream

Berry + Orange Ice Cream - student project


I decided to create a summery, light recipe illustration, and what would fit better than ice cream for that? I knew I wanted to have a lot of small, colorful food icons, so I decided on drawing berries and orange slices, along with some decorative leaves and an ice cream bowl.
As for the layout, I went with a tumble of different ingredients which makes the layout feel fresh and light.

Berry + Orange Ice Cream - image 1 - student project


Then I drew many different food icons to have something to choose from later.

Berry + Orange Ice Cream - image 2 - student project


As for the lettering, I went through several stages of experimenting and ended up with a casual pencil & brush lettering style for the title, and informal script done with a dip nib for the recipe text. I sometimes try out different styles when assembling the layout, so it’s good to have several versions of the lettering at hand, even if it means more work.

Berry + Orange Ice Cream - image 3 - student project


The layout for this illustration is quite loose, so that helped me when assembling it to a pleasing composition. It’s good practice to create smart objects from your elements, so that you don’t lose quality when resizing them. Putting all the elements in different layer groups is a good way to keep an overview.

Berry + Orange Ice Cream - image 4 - student project


I’m really happy with the result - I was going for a light, inviting recipe with a summery feel that emphasizes the fresh fruits used in it, and I feel the lettering and the simple textures help to transport the vibe that I was going for.