Berlin coffee house cards

Berlin coffee house cards - student project

For this project, I photographed and wrote short introductions to my favorite cafés in Berlin.

Measurable goal: 50 photos, 50 descriptions

Specific theme: Photos of my favorite cafés in Berlin

I’ve been photographing cafés in Berlin for years, and when I decided to turn this into an actual project, I just needed to write a list of the places I hadn’t taken a picture of, then go there to take one. This project mostly happened organically. I felt a desire to make something out of my daily practice of photographing my environment and I looked for a theme and a perspective that would make it interesting to others.

Deadline: I had a Kickstarter that was live for two weeks.

What I made out of this project: Once I had 50 pictures and 50 descriptions, I decided to utilize MOO’s business cards to turn my side project into a product. I’ve financed the print run using Kickstarter (I talk more about my Skillshare class on how to do a Kickstarter project and why you should do one as a creative freelancer) and I now offer them on Etsy.



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