Bennie Cobbs

Bennie Cobbs - student project

 8:00 AM Monday, September 1st Kara Brooks walked down the hall at her school to her locker. Her long, straightened, bleached-blonde hair flowed behind her as she quickly rushed to put her backpack away. She wore a pink hoodie with a small, white tee underneath and dark blue, form-fitting skinny jeans with her favorite black high heel ankle boots. She was running late for her first class. She was always late to her first class. This Monday was no different. Kara is a senior at Highland Valley High School. She is 18 years old, stands 5'4" and weighs 120 lbs. She is a beautiful young lady, with green eyes, a sharp, stunning face and an appealing body. She is slim, fit and toned. She works out, plays sports, goes running and does yoga. She opened her locker and hung her backpack inside while thinking to herself, I'm NOT in the mood for class. I'm already late, I might as well skip it. Maybe there's a cute senior guy lurking around. She scanned the halls, looking to the left and right of her locker, but no one was in sight. A curious idea struck her. I know, I'll go check the dressing room in the auditorium. Maybe someone will be there. She hurried from her locker to the courtyard double doors leading outside. She zipped up her pink hoodie and strode across the courtyard to a door that was barely visible behind a big pine tree. It led to the back of a small auditorium that was never used. Towards the back of the stage, there was a small dressing room that was empty. It was always locked but could be opened with a folded plastic card or ID card. She walked up behind the stage, towards the locked door. She could hear someone or something inside, a faint, barely audible rustle inside the dressing room. Hmm, I bet I know who is in there, she thought. She pulled out her school ID, folded it in half and slid it between the doorknob and the frame and popped the lock. She opened the door and smiled at what she saw. "Sydney...." she whispered. "Something told me you would be in here this early sucking on a cock." She closed the door and locked it after walking in. Her best friend Sydney was on her knees, blowing a hard, erect, cock for a lucky senior boy. She had on a black lace blouse with black, skin-tight leggings. Her jet black hair was up in a ponytail, swaying back and forth. She was sucking wildly, trying her hardest to make him cum. Sydney glanced at Kara, smiling at her while she held a dick in between her lips. She opened her mouth and let the cock fall out of her mouth. "Hi Kara, you're late.... do you want to join me? I'm sure Brent won't mind at all. You know I can't function without getting a fat, long dick in my mouth to start my day." Brent was ecstatic at the thought of having two 18-year-old senior girls sucking his cock. He grinned and groaned as Sydney grasped his cock. "Hmm, fine, you twisted my arm," Kara replied. "Only because Brent has a nice looking cock." Kara put her blonde hair in a ponytail and knelt down next to Sydney. "We really have to find the key to this door Syd, my school ID is about to fall apart." Sydney was stroking Brent's cock up and down slowly, then pointed it towards Kara. "We don't need the key and besides, we can't just ask someone for it. It will give it away that were in here sucking dick every other day. Now here, suck." "Thank you, it's nice of you to share, for once." Kara opened her mouth and let Sydney guide the dick into it. She started blowing and sucking on the hard dick while Sydney held it at the base of the shaft. After 30 seconds, she pulled her mouth reluctantly away from the rigid member. "Mmmm, that cock tastes good. It's all wet and messy, just how I love it. What if we change the lock?" Sydney grinned. "I think that could work. Keep slurping his cock for me, his balls look like they need some attention." Sydney moved her mouth under Brent's balls and started licking them while Kara grabbed the cock and fed it to herself. Brent put a hand on each of the girls head, enjoying every second of oral pleasure. "Mmmm," Sydney moaned while engulfing Brent's entire ball sack in her mouth. She smiled as she saw Kara right above her start deepthroating Brent's prick, greedily slurping faster and faster. Before long, spit and precum were dripping from Kara's lips and mouth, onto Sydney's face. "Gulg, gulg, gulg, gulg," was the only sound Kara made while being throated by Brent's big rod. Kara was trying to make Brent cum down her throat. Brent inched closer and closer to exploding and cumming. "Whoa....not so fast you little slut," Sydney told Kara. "I want that cum!" Sydney playfully pushed Kara away from the cock and crammed it down her throat, all in one go. She closed her eyes as she took the big dick in, leaving only the balls resting on her chin. Just after that moment, Brent began exploding with his orgasm, launching his cum into Sydney's mouth. He moaned and groaned as his cum shot down Sydney's throat. Sydney purred the whole time, swallowing the entire load. "Oh, look at you go, swallowing cum again," Kara sarcastically pointed out. "You're such a big slut Sydney." Sydney coughed and gagged as Brent pulled his dick out of her mouth. He was seeing stars after such a powerful orgasm explosion, he had to sit down. "Wow, that was so great, thanks girls," Brent told them. "You two are so incredible." "Ya sure, no problem. Meet me at my locker Wednesday morning and I might suck you off again. Now get out, Kara and I have something to talk about," Sydney said. Brent pulled up his boxer briefs, jeans and buckled his belt. He headed out, making sure no one was around as he closed the door. Kara got up to lock the door. "Sucking dick makes me horny," Kara told Sydney. "Tell me about it," Sydney replied. "You're always horny though, ever since your 18th birthday party when you became a crazed nymphomaniac," teased Kara. "That was the best party EVER. You had such a great time too, don't act like it was all me. Wait, did you ask your mom to put you on birth control yet?" "No, not yet. I'm asking her tonight. I'm sure she'll say yes once I tell her I have a new boy that's interested in me." "Once you're on birth control, we will have to throw another party. Well, I have to go to my next class. I can't wait till after school..." said Sydney. "Really? Color me surprised. You might as well move in here. You're in here more than in class." "Yeah... we really have to change the lock on this door then," joked Sydney. *************** 3:15 PM The school bell rang at 3:15 PM, Sydney grabbed her notebook and hurriedly left her last class. She walked to her locker, put her stuff away and checked her phone for any texts. She had three texts, all from senior boys, who wanted to meet up after school. Ben, Tarek, and Sean want me to suck them off. I guess word gets around that I'm a cock addict, she thought with a smile. Better go get ready. She texted them all back, telling them to meet her in the dressing room before 4 PM. Sydney walked to the auditorium, checked that there was no one around and walked behind the stage to the dressing room. She unlocked the door and walked in to prepare herself. She cleaned up a bit and checked her makeup. Right at 3:45 PM she heard a knock on the door. She opened the door and the three senior guys were standing there, waiting to be allowed in. "Hey Sydney," said Tarek. "Hi guys! Come inside, quick." Once they were all inside, Sydney closed and locked the door behind them. "So.... since you all three were looking for the same thing, I say we make this easy on me and let me suck you all off at the same time. Everyone ok with that?" The three senior guys looked around at each other then nodded in approval. "We can handle that if you can Syd," announced Tarek. "Oh, don't worry about me. I can handle it." Without wasting time, Sean and Ben started unbuckling and dropping their pants. "We're kind of in a hurry, football practice is in like, 45 minutes," said Ben. "I see, well why waste time? Come stand over by me," Sydney told them. Sean and Ben already had their cocks out and were bottomless, stroking themselves while they got hard. Tarek walked over by them and also dropped his pants, boxers and stepped out of them. He began playing with himself, stroking his growing dick. Sydney knelt on the carpet right in front of all 3 senior guys. "Mmm, I love seeing cocks pointing at me," said Sydney. "Do you guys think I have cock sucking problem?" she playfully asked. "Nah, I highly doubt it," answered Sean. The group of teenagers chuckled as Sydney began to inch closer to them. Sydney licked her lips and stared at the three big, hard cocks pointing at her with desire. She grabbed two hard dicks and began stroking them, giving them a steady hand job to start off. After a few seconds, she dropped one dick and grabbed the third and began stroking it. She looked up at the boys and smiled. "Which cock do I want in my mouth first?" Sydney asked out loud. "How about.....your cock?" she asked Sean. Sydney sucked the first cock in her mouth with exuberance, while simultaneously stroking two other cocks, one in each hand. They two guys waited eagerly for their turn inside Sydney's mouth, so they huddled their cocks as close as possible to her mouth. Sydney stopped stroking and let the two cocks not in her mouth slide all over her face, feeling one on her forehead and the other across her cheek. She began getting wet already. "Mmmmhh, nngh, nngh, nngh, aaaaah," Sydney moaned in pleasure after pleasing the first dick. "Yeah, slide those big dicks all over my face, bury my face with dick." She quickly turned her mouth to the cock to her right and began blowing it, swallowing it halfway down her throat top xxx sites . The first cock she sucked was very wet and covered in her spit, dripping and still rock hard. She looked pridefully at it while she sucked. The third cock on her left needed attention so she began stroking it with both hands. Slobbering and blowing, she continued working her mouth all over the stiff cock, finally letting it out of her mouth, moving to the last untouched dick in front of her. Sydney inhaled the final cock, easily deepthroating it in one go. She stroked the two dripping, wet dicks with her hands on her right. "Gulg, gulg, gulg, gulg, mmpf, ahh," her head bobbed forward and back while sucking and moaning. "I love .... sucking cock, mmm," she managed to say out loud before going back to the first cock in her right hand. She grabbed it by the shaft, smacked the head of it on her tongue hard a few times then engulfed it down her mouth. "Can I face fuck you Sydney?" Sean asked with a smile. "You know I can't say no to that, go ahead, shove it down my face." Sean put both his hands on Sydney's head again and aimed his stiff dick at her mouth. Sydney prepared for the mouth fuck by grabbing the two other cocks, gripping them for support and balance. Since she was on her knees still, she braced for it. Sean thrust his cock in and out of Sydney's mouth as fast as he could, gripping her head and fucking her mouth. He slammed his dick balls deep every thrust, attacking her throat. Sydney struggled to deepthroat his cock at first but managed to ease up her throat and allow the hard cock to slide down her mouth. Her eyes were tearing up, she was gagging, coughing lightly, spitting and drooling, but she absolutely loved being face fucked. She held her breath at times too, enjoying the slamming of a hard dick on her face. Sean showed no signs of stopping, continuing to fuck Sydney's mouth. He was pounding her face as if it was her pussy. His cock was drenched with her saliva and his precum and each time it fucked her mouth, it dripped out over her chin and around her mouth. He relentlessly pounded away for a minute, face fucking Sydney without stopping. The two guys watched in awe at Sydney's amazing oral skills, being able to get face fucked for so long. Sean finally stopped, holding back from cumming. Sydney gasped for air and moaned. The bottom of her face a complete mess of spit and precum. She was dripping profoundly all over her blouse. "Let me take this off since you just ruined it," Sydney snickered. "Then give me the next dick." She took her blouse off and unhooked her bra. Her big, firm tits on display for the boys to see. She didn't have as big breasts as Kara, but for a 34C, she had rocking boobs. Before she could get ready, the cock on her left pounced on her mouth, continuing the face fucking. The two guys waiting their turn began playing with her tits, feeling and touching her while a cock slammed into her mouth repeatedly. Her mouth was getting hammered as if all the watching Tarek had done had made him feel like he was playing catch-up. Sydney had to put her hands around his calves to stay upright. After another two minutes of fucking Sydney's mouth, Tarek pulled out. Now it was Ben's turn. Sydney looked like a bomb went off in her face. Her makeup was getting messed up, she had spit and precum all over her cheeks and chin. Her neck had saliva and precum running down it towards her chest. She wanted more though. Ben grabbed the top of her head and shifted her mouth towards his waiting dick. He forced his cock into her mouth and continued the face fucking bonanza. He bucked and thrust as deep as he could, fucking her mouth with lustful intent. Sydney again gripped the two cocks with her hands to steady herself. Her face was getting drilled. "GULG, GULG, MMPH, NNGH, MMPH, GULG, GULG," was the only audible sound Sydney made, every three seconds. Ben face fucked her for his turn with Sydney's mouth. He reluctantly stopped humping her face and pulled away, leaving a long trail of spit oozing from her mouth. "You're such a good, little cock sucker Sydney," complimented Sean. "What would we do without you top sex games ?" "Without me? You'd probably ask Kara to blow your dicks," Sydney answered. "We think you're the better cock expert though," said Tarek. "That's probably the right thing to say as I'm gripping your penis," Sydney shot back. "Who's the closest to cumming? I feel like I've earned a reward." "Fuck, you're such an amazing slut Sydney. I'm very close," said Sean. Sean moved his balls close to her face. Sydney obediently started sucking and slurping on his ballsack. His hard cock swung wildly above her face, teasing her. After a minute of pleasuring his balls, Sydney grabbed Sean's cock and opened her mouth to continue sucking on it. She could taste his precum more and more, expecting his load at any moment. She slurped, sucked and blew as fast as she knew how to. Sean was fighting back, holding it as much as possible. He really wanted this to last forever. "FUCK, ....OH My GOD, fuck," he groaned out loud. Suddenly, his cock jerked, twitched and blew on Sydney's face. Thick, white spurts of cum flooded her face, 4 or 5 ropes of semen at least. Sydney moaned in delight at the facial she received. Her face was smothered with cum, all across both cheeks. The two other guys had been stroking their dicks and enjoying the show. Tarek decided he was ready to bust after watching Sydney get glazed over with jizz. He stroked his cock hard, aimed it at Sydney's breasts and unloaded his orgasm all over. Her tits were splattered with multiple spurts of white gooey cum, sticking to her chest and slowly rolling down to her navel. Ben was close too. He had other things in mind though. "I want you to swallow Sydney," he requested. He pushed his cock toward her cum filled face and shoved it in her mouth. He fucked her mouth for 30 more seconds, banging on her lips with his balls. Every time he thrust, a loud, heavy, wet sounding smack of his shaft and balls hitting her lips occurred, sending cum and saliva flying everywhere. He eventually orgasmed with a huge moan, launching cum down Sydney's throat. He came inside her mouth with such force that semen shot out of Sydney's mouth. He held his dick inside her mouth until he finished. "Mmm, yeah, swallow it all you nasty whore," Ben told Sydney. Sydney swallowed every drop in her mouth, looking up afterward. "Mmm, that was a lot of cum. Don't call me dirty names Ben, you'll turn me on more and you all have to go soon. That's not fair." Sean laughed and apologized. "Sorry, I'll be nice. I do have to go to practice now," he said. "Ya, me too. Not that I want to," replied Ben. Sydney sat up and began playing with the cum on her breasts. She twirled cum around her nipple with her finger, trying to entice the guys to not leave. "That's too bad, I was having a great time. I guess I should get going too," she replied. "We're going to have to set up a longer blow job party though, hopefully soon. Like the time you guys came over to my birthday party, now THAT was fun. In the meantime, I hope you guys enjoyed this mini blow bang. I know I did." "That was the best night ever Sydney. Yeah, we did, we will be there for any of your parties," said Tarek. "Thanks, Sydney." The boys got dressed and said their goodbyes then hurried out. Sydney cleaned up, got dressed and left a few minutes later. Her blouse was still soaked but she still put it on. She grabbed her bra and put it under her blouse. She walked back to her locker to get her backpack. The halls were empty and quiet. She could have walked naked to her locker and no one would have known. I wonder what Kara's doing, she thought to herself as she walked to her car. She's probably at volleyball practice, being slutty, as usual. *************** 6:15 PM Kara threw the volleyball into the air, ran forward and jumped to hit it over the net. She practiced her serve almost religiously after volleyball practice. She wore black, tight booty shorts and only had a matching sports bra on. Her long, blonde hair was put up in a ponytail and she had tiny beads of sweat on her forehead. She grabbed another ball from the rack and kept practicing her serve. The gym was almost empty, only the volleyball coach was around and a group of senior guys were sitting on the bleachers. After 5 minutes, the volleyball coach told everyone she was closing up the gym. Kara grabbed her backpack and gym bag and headed toward the door. "Hey Kara," one of the senior guys called out . "What are you up to tonight?" "Hey, just going home to eat and do homework," she replied. "We were wondering if you wanted to play after practice with us?" Kara grinned and knew exactly what he meant by that. Rumor had spread that she gave blowjobs sometimes after volleyball practice. Those rumors were about to become true, especially tonight. Kara was feeling horny after practice. "I'd love to play...... but I'm all sweaty and I smell," she joked. "It's getting late too." The group of five guys looked disappointed. A couple of them turned around and began walking back to their cars. "Ok Kara, have a good night." Kara smiled as she walked towards her car, keeping an eye on her volleyball coach's car. She waited for her coach to drive away then shouted back at the guys who were hanging out in the parking lot, deciding no doubt on what to do for the evening. "HEY, on second thought..... come back!"