BARBIERI 18 - student project

Hello everyone,

Thank you once again for all comments and feedback. I still havn´t decided over a color yet, but I did polish up minor details from other feedbacks and I could say that I have wraped things up for the moment, at least the shape. I chose not to use too much texture in these, didn´t think it appropriate, not in this case. I guess if I were to choose a color it would be this one, but still not sure.


Hello again everyone.

I´ve been taking another step, and done another version but without varying the original path.

Comments are welcomed.

I´ve also been testing some color schemes i wanted to share with everyone, youre all welcome to opinions.

Hello everyone.

So after reading all the great feedback I´ve decided to take a step further. I based on the first sketchand did some twisting around and this is where Im heading. I´ve done some different versions of the same path but would like to know which way seems better, since ive been looking at them for too long I´ve been losing my sense of judgment. Of course its still missing the choice of color and/ or texture and lots of polishing.

Hi to all.

This is a project for a coffee shop in Madrid by the same name: Barbieri 18. 

What kept me thinking more was deciding the tone I wanted my logo to have. I wanted something with a bit classical, or art nouveau (but not too far), yet holding a bit of a modern edge, which very well defines the coffee shop. So thinking how to fit those two into one is tricky. I don´t know how well I´m managing so far. But opinions are grreatly appreciated.

thank you

Art director