Avocado Pit Dye

Avocado Pit Dye - student project

Well, I did a whole process for this (Pictures are below):

1- I cleaned the pits and placed them under the sun so I could easily peel the brownish skin they have.

2- I peeled them, and grated them, again putting the grated pits under the sun for drying. After they were completely dried, I grounded them up with a mortar and pestle and turned them into dust.

3- I only used Potassium Alum to mordant -at 10% weight of fabric-, I let the previously scoured fabric boil in it for an hour.

4- I let the avocado pit dust soaking overnight (I measured it at 100% weight of fabric)

5- I cooked the dye for an hour and a half -without letting it boil. I let it cool down and then strained it. After a while there was a sediment at the bottom, so I used only the top part, leaving the sediment behind.

6- I dyed the fabric for an hour, letting it only simmer a bit.

7- I modified the color of a couple of the little samples with Iron Liquor.



I got a very light peach color, with how intense the dye looked even after straining and removing the sediment, I was expecting a much more intense color...

Could someone weigh in as to how to achieve a deeper color? What did I do wrong? Was it the process I followed to turn the dye into dust? Did I use a mordant that wasn't adequate?

I still enjoyed the process, but maybe someone could give me some corrections so I can apply them next time?