Assignment 1

Assignment 1 - student project


List of fears 


  • Fear of failing in life
  • Not achieving my dreams
  • Not being adequate for my loved ones
  • Fear of being wrong and being called out (I fear I have anxiety issues) 
  • Fear of judgement 
  • Afraid of the dark but in an unknown space though I won’t admit it publicly (the irony) 
  • Afraid of authority but try to be a rebel at the same time 
  • Afraid of asking what I’m worth

List of interests


  • Watching films, obviously  
  • Astronomy
  • Astro-physics 
  • Reading books 
  • Comics
  • Draw
  • Research on random topics and then end up down a rabbit hole
  • Watching racing 
  • Listening to other people’s life stories 
  • Psychology 
  • Chess