Artisan Glass Keycaps

Artisan Glass Keycaps - student project

This project started while working at a glass foundry. I made a few models and developed a mold for creating wax positives of a keycap. It was my intention to release an initial run with a mix of frosted and clear keycaps. From that point on, I intended to release limited runs of special editions with custom artwork. 

Made a bit of progress - trial and error in the model making and mold development. Finally came up with something I was happy with. Also spent some time on a forum for mechanical keyboard enthusaiasts, gaging interest and getting an idea of the market. 

But there are a few things I've yet to work out (thinking out loud):

1. Price - I've seen plastic keycaps going for $500. What is someone willing to pay for a "luxury" glass keycap? How much is needed for material, the time and tools to finish each keycap by hand and boxing/shipping costs?

2. Manufacturing - This is something I would likely have to do by hand. So far I've done minimal research on places like alibaba and aliexpress. It would be great if they actually can develop something for this process, even though it's considered somewhat of a fine art process (slow, hands-on, labor intensive). I would prefer to have it manufactured in hopes of gaining more quality control. 

3. Marketing - Contrary to the current website (which is more or less a place holder), I plan on marketing and pricing this product as a luxury item. There are certain details that will likely add to the cost - quality printed boxes (jewelry sized), maybe a certificate of authenticity, etc. Any ideas on this front would be welcome.