Archers Quest's Hero Archer Corelin

Archers Quest's Hero Archer Corelin - student project



• Question #1: What does your hero want?

• Survival • Healing  • Love • Justice • Belonging

• Revenge Goal Prompt Questions:

• What makes your hero get up in the morning?

He wakes up in the morning prodded on by the love he has for his mother, and his responsibility for her. Along with the hope to make her happy after his father's death. 

• What is his heart’s deepest desire, conscious or otherwise?

His deepest desire is to make his father proud, to be the son his Father wrote about in his journal. Now that his father is dead, that desire is present more than ever.   

• What does he think he wants? What does he actually want?

He covets the courage of his friends and family. What he doesn't understand, is that he has courage but he needs someone or something to help him dig it out. So what he truly needs to do is completely trust the All Mighty One.

• What tangible goals has he set to achieve them?

He has set the goal of becoming the greatest archer in all of the South. He has also taken the Mission to show everyone, including himself, that he can overcome fear.  

• Is his goal possible?

Yes in its way.

• How can we relate to his goal?

I think all people know how it feels to let down someone they love. This story will speak loudly to you if you have ever attempted to fix that broken feeling in your heart.  

• Why do we want him to succeed?

He is a lost, hurting boy with incredible talents, searching for his path in life, and saving the world while he's at it. I say that is enough. 

Question #2: How does your hero need to change?

• What are your protagonist’s flaws?

Archer has very low self-esteem. He is always afraid of letting his family and friends down. He is afraid of fire.

• Which of them will pose the biggest hindrance to his success in attaining his goal?

His low self-esteem causes him to hold back on his gifts for fear of failing. His fear of fire is hard for him to face. 

• Where does his primary flaw come from?

When his father died, he felt he had let him down by not being there for him.

• What are his wounds and backstory?

He almost died in a barn fire when he was a baby. Now whenever he is faced with large amounts of fire, Archer starts to panic and sweat. His Father died mysteriously on a hunting trip to The Dark Forest. It haunts him to think that he might have been able to save his dad, if only he had been there.

• How can we relate to his flaw?

All people these days struggle with low self-esteem. It has almost become part of our culture to try and be someone your not. This story will help you to understand it OK to be you!   

• Why do we want him to change?

We know he has amazing talents that he could use to help the kingdom if only he can overcome his fears. 

Question #3: Why do we care?

• What does he stand for?

His faith in the All Mighty One is what fuels his actions in the end. He wants justice to those who murdered so many godly people. He wants to help the people who are being persecuted for their faith.  

• How can we relate to him?

If you have ever watched a loved one stand for what they believe in and suffer for it, you will get this book. 

• What are his quirks, habits and mannerisms?

He tends to get nervous around girls. He loves his horse like a sister. He is an awful cook and knows it. He has a strange addiction to peppermint tea.   

• What does he look and sound like?

He is medium height with blonde hair and striking blue eyes. His smile is very charming. His voice is not very deep, but still manly. (Kind of like Thor vs. Star Lord's voices, for those who have seen Avengers: Infinity War!)   

• What makes him unique?

His loyalty and faith. His right ear is a tad bit smaller than his left.

• Who matters to him most in the world?

His Mother and friends Darren and Clara. 

• What does he fear?

Fire. Large cats. Failing. 

• How does he act in front of his greatest idol?

He would get VERY shy and fidgety. Hoping to blend into the background. 

• What makes him cry?

Thinking about his dad. Leaving his home for the unknown. 

• What makes him laugh?

His friend Darren's humour and hasty anger. Clara Vinsay can make him laugh with a simple smile.  

• If his house was on fire, what’s the one thing he would save?

His Father's journal. And if the barn was burning it would be his horse and his messenger eagle, Rena. 

• Who cares about him most in the world?

The All Mighty One then his Mother, Clara and Darren.

Question #4: What are the stakes?

• Why is it absolutely necessary for our main character to succeed?

If he doesn't succeed the faith of the All Mighty One will be crushed and deleted from the Nation, and a tyrant king will take over the land and force the people to worship him. 

• What terrible thing will happen if he doesn’t get what he wants?

The people's freedom of worship will be taken away and his friends and someone else will be killed. 

• What terrible thing will happen if he doesn’t grow in the way he needs?

He will become the great failure he has always feared. 

Question #5: What are the obstacles?

• What or who is standing in between him and his goal? (Antagonist)

His fear and the overwhelming odds of fighting off over half the nation. As well as the constant threat of assassins and traitors.

• What or who is standing in between him and positive change?

Himself. He doesn't realize that all his friends are counting on him and that he has the courage and they are willing to help him find it.   

• How can the obstacles between him and his goal act as a catalyst for change?

He must face the fires of death to defeat his enemy. All of his talents will be called upon to destroy the enemy. He will be forced to come out of his shell and take chances. 



Grace Crosina

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