Any excuse to do some pen work...!

Any excuse to do some pen work...! - student project

So, I have to admit, pens are my favourite tool for artwork and I use them all the time, but this class was a wonderful excuse to do some hatching drills, which were strangely enjoyable!!  I plan to do a drawing or two using some hatching which I will upload later.  :-) Thanks for the fabulous class, Jen!


I think I may have gone overboard with the hatching practice!!! Haha!  I'm not entirely sure that I'm happy with him - it's one of those drawings that I could faff with forever and I can see loads of areas where the tone needs correcting, but I've got to stop at some point!!  So this is it!  I was glad I did the practice sheet beforehand - it made me much braver to do heavy curved lines as contours.  It's made me interested in searching out lots of vintage illustrations to study and see how they used to do it.  Fascinating!  Thanks again, Jen!

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