Animation/Animatics Storytelling Youtube Channel

Animation/Animatics Storytelling Youtube Channel - student project

My little place of Doodle Stories is a few months old and feel like I have learned a lot from tips and advice in the community... However, I ALWAYS feel there is room for improvment.

My Channel Page:

Overall Design:
I use a light blue in the background of my videos so have tried to keep this consistent on my channel main page, to further reinforce the branding. I do worry that there may be too much blue on the page, I have tried to keep the page simple (in terms of the header) so it is not too overwhelming and makes the content (thumbnails) stand out more.

I have tried to ensure my little character is always present in the thumbnail to build up a brand recognition, similar to Jazza's approach. I have added text to most of them but not sure how readable it is at smaller sizes or even if it is needed and if I should focus on visuals and let the title of the video stay in the title itself.

I have tried to use Playlists to ensure videos have a place to live, I should probably add more but due to my limited amount of videos, I don't want to make playlists for the sake of it, if they have no purpose or only have 1 video in them.

My Content:
I use the term "animation" loosely and in bunny ears, as I would not call my content full animation more animatics. I am trying to introduce more movement and expressions to my content and potentially in the future add elements such as lip sync. I am trying to find the balance of uploads every few weeks and making something that looks professional and shows the time and effort put in.

I welcome any comments you have, anything you think works/does not work, you found confusing? I could try in the future? Anything that crosses your mind... But please give some explanation behind it, to enable me to understand it better.

Thanks for taking the time to read me waffle on, and look forward to your comments and feedback.