Anatomy with JAZZA

Anatomy with JAZZA - student project

ONE: Reverse Blocking - most were from photo reference, my models were not as muscular so it was harder to find them to exaggerate them.

TWO: These are the sketches from following Jazza’s explanation and demonstration.Here’s where I wound up on my own. I don’t think I’m imagining what’s under the skin correctly, and seeing how the tension changes the shape and placement of the muscles. Did I get any of these right????

I think the leg muscles are easier for me to see. I was studying Michelangelo’s sculpted and painted muscles and they are really EXTREME…I mean REALLY extreme!!! These are from poses from 2 of his sculptures , 1 drawing ( I mean he has muscles on his muscles!) and 1 from the Sistine Chapel.

A bit challenging…I hope I got the muscles right.

Hip placement makes a big difference.

My guys look too thin and wimpy for all their muscles.

Ahhhhhh…it was the hips!
The pencil one is a female, can you tell?

Trying to pull it all together. This class has certainly helped a lot, my sketches have improved in my own style.

I had to use an exaggerated example of the back so Super Hero was the best way to go!

Hopefully this is a better example of my understanding.