American in French

American in French - student project

Walking around the French Quarter for the first time in New Orleans, is like discovering everything you wish a city would consist of. Small businesses, culture, historically valued buildings, world class food and incredible music played from the heart.

I remember at one point during my morning walk, I looked to my right to see a beautifully decorated store of latterns and lights. "Welcome to Bevolo" a lady said, as I stumbled in.

I learned that Bevolo was responsible for the beautiful gas latterns that illuminate the French Quarter at night. Made all by hand, these copper and cast iron creations are as fine of American Craftsmanship as I had seen in a while. I remember thinking the night before how beautiful they were, as they reminded me what it must have been like to stroll down the French Quarter two centuries ago.

I continued to walk through the store, appreciating every individual piece of work. As I got to the end, I was told I could venture into the workshop to view the craftsman at work. Coming from a family of carpenters, I have always had a unique appreciation for genuine craftsmanship.

I remember sitting on a bench quietly, and just watching as they hammered away. They seemed to forget that I was there after a few moments, and began to talk amongst each other again.

"Beautiful work", I said as I walked out.

This was the last photo I took while in the shop.

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If you are reading this, you are an absolute inspiration and my favorite photographer. Not only for your catalog of work, but for what you represent and the work that you do for Patagonia.