Amazing Career & Lifestyle: Ohn Mar

Amazing Career & Lifestyle: Ohn Mar - student project


Starting from the bottom - The most remarkable aspect was seeing how the use texture, colour and linework in my own illustrations, when comparing them side by side by the vintage artworks of Mary Blair and Rene Gruau.  I’ve realised I like to use strong contrasts and the colours on the warmer end of the spectrum. 

Moving onto the Travel section which is something I think about all the time. Although I want to travel all over the world the the images I choose are very calm and ‘still’ even of the girl standing on the moon holding the star. Although there is a strong element of exploration, especially underwater it is again a ‘quiet’ space almost meditative. 

I’ve researched boat symbolism as I do like to canoe and paddle board whenever I can

‘…boats evokes a passage, symbolising a spiritual journey on the sea of life; one cannot get anywhere by remaining on an island’ - which is really interesting for me as I am a bit of an explorer and dreamer. So I’m wondering how I can bring more of these aspects into my future illustrations.

There are several images of reading and writing/ journaling and books which is interesting as I’ve only realised in the last year I have lots to say and quite a few people are keen to read my blog. And I do want to write several books in future - so that's something I need to take action on. 

Also I think this section shows me I need to take time to cook nourishing food as well as enjoying food and socialise with friends. I knew I needed more quiet time in order to rest myself, but these images are really bringing home how much parts of me crave ‘stillness’ which isn't easy with kids and a busy career. Overall its been really revealing and I’m so glad it's a true reflection of where I’m at personally, spiritually and creatively. 




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