Amarys (Logline and Roadmap)

Amarys (Logline and Roadmap) - student project

Disclaimer: English isn't my first language. So, sorry if there's any mistakes.


- Logline:

As the leader of the new generation, Melione vows to end the thousands of years of war between her country Amarys and the neighboring country Koen, even if she knows that losing means the colonization of the entire kingdom.



Act 1.

Melione, a student at the Quryan Academy in the Kingdom of Amarys (descendants of dragons), witnesses a new statement from the king of Koen (pegasus tamers), the enemy nation, where he says that forgiveness is no longer an option for Amarys, but that, if the war is won, They will be re-educated (change their culture) so that Amarys becomes a second Koen.

After this, Melione takes control of the academy's communications and declares that it will be she, along with the new generation, said to be the next to awaken their dragon blood after countless generations, who will bring an end to the war and the extermination of Koen's high command.

Act 2.

Melione invades Koen with Amarys's army, where they find a breeding ground for Scarlet Butterflies and thus discover that the king's death was not caused by any poison, but by one of these butterflies that were believed to be extinct/exterminated years ago. Grazed by an arrow that had its tip dipped in Scarlet Butterfly venom, Melione retreats from Koen with the others.

Melione is on the verge of death, and can't help but question her abilities as a leader after the losses suffered at Koen and doubts she could ever awaken her dragon blood. Discovering a way to obtain the cure for the poison, Melione does her best to obtain it after reflecting on the skills she already has, even without her awakening.

Act 3.

After being cured, Melione returns to an Amarys in danger after an invasion by Koen. She gathers her team to make a plan and disperses them to carry it out. After it is revealed who poisoned the king, Melione finds herself between a rock and a hard place, but her “awakening” occurs, taking victory.

Melione attends a ball in her honor and that of the new generation, for ending the war against Koen, a country that seeks political relations with Amarys after a new regime, with Melione and her team as representatives of Amarys.