Amaneciendo Lyric Video

Amaneciendo Lyric Video - student project

This is a project in which I had the opportunity to make an animated lyric video.

During the class I realized several things that I didn't take into account when making the project and that would have saved me a lot of time. Especially the designation of time for each activity that I had to do to move forward and get to the final product.

I work a lot with motion graphics and in animation time is the most important thing. And having an efficient workflow is the best way to work. Sometimes when we don't have so much experience managing the work, it's more difficult to achieve certain objectives. Personally, what affected me the most from not having a notion of organization in my workflow was having to spend many more hours in front of the monitor than were necessary.

What I take with me from the class and share with you from my experience is this:

1.- To define the objectives of the project
2.- Make a time table for each activity establishing an estimate of what it will take us to do each activity.
3.- Work smarter, not harder. Find a way to make each activity more efficient, relying on resources that will help us kill time.
4.- Communication with the client is essential to execute a project.
5.- Establish from the beginning the development stages of the project with the client. Determine from the beginning where he can participate in the idea, in the understanding that a project that does not advance costs money and time for both parties.
6.- Be clear about the budget from the beginning of the project and use written contracts as the DKNG guys show us whenever necessary.
Always be careful of the rights of our work. Don't be intimidated by big clients. As a service provider it is our obligation and responsibility to our network to respect the guidelines of our profession.
8.- Seek advice for legal matters we do not understand.
9.- Maintain a good professional network to help us in the realization of new projects.
10.- Take care of our body and our health. We are definitely not made to be behind a monkey 9 hours a day. Let's be aware of this and make a balance of our work and personal life to lead a healthy life.

I thank the kids for the workshop! I learned new things and it is always great to see the way they study with the quality of their work managing their work and sharing their wisdom!

I would also like that from this course we can strengthen our working relationships with the community by helping each other and collaborating on projects together! I would love to be able to do something with the great talent on this platform! :)

I share my project with you and I hope you like it! Thanks again


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