Always Drawing: 7 Creative Exercises

Always Drawing: 7 Creative Exercises - student project

Looking for monsters in my jellybean shapes was a fun way to spend an evening. I managed to work some personalities into the page. That one on the bottom looks like a fried shrimp tail I had for lunch once. I'm having a great time filling my sketchbook pages.

Again, I got carried away with time. I couldn't seem to help myself. I am going to try to simplify so that I can get my pages done faster. Also, I used a blue ink that absolutely wasn't waterproof, so I got a lot of runny smearing when I applied my India ink wash. Live and learn. Can you find some of my favorite stories characters in my drawing?

Here is my icons page. I shared this recipe with a friend, and it was a success. I loved hiding veggies in meatballs to get more nutrition into my family’s bellies.