All the feelings

All the feelings - student project

I use WhatsApp fairly often and I thought since I have all the time now, I should learn how to do this. I tried once before to make Line app stickers and it didn't go too well.. this was painful (  I usually draw in photoshop, not illustrator) but once I figured how to do the first two the rest was easy. Thanks. 

This is my normal face and the avatar I normally use. That was the basis for my stickers. I picked the features I wanted to stand out, the hair in this case and my rounded face.

I struggled a bit adding blush to the cheeks, couldn't figure out the right colour balance... but that's okay. I learnt a lot about gradients by the end with the mesh tool.

My Whatsapp is set to dark mode, so I am not sure how the stickers appear on a light background with the words in white. but... glad I learnt this. and will keep trying with new expressions.