All good things...

All good things... - student project

I really love many of Henry David Thoreau's quotes and I've been wanting to write some of them in calligraphy. I chose this quote, "All good things are wild and free" because I think it's a beautiful way to think about art, calligraphy, and many things in the world!

I think one of my biggest challenges when it comes to writing calligraphy is that I have a hard time loosening up my hand and writing in a free-flowing way. I hope that's something that gets better with practice - does anyone else have that problem? I love how Bryn's calligraphy is so free-spirited. I grip the pen so hard that my fingers hurt! For this exercise I tried to allow the nib to just go where it went.

Here are some of my sketches.

I struggled a bit with layout: I think those words are kind of floating in space and not really working with each other. I'm hoping I learn more about creating good calligraphy layouts in other Skillshare workshops (if you know of a workshop that talks about layouts, please let me know!)

And here it is in calligraphy.

My favourites are the first one (with 2 lines) and the last one (with 3 lines). I'd love to hear what you guys think! Pointers are always appreciated.

Thanks for checking out my project!