Alan Wake's American Nightmare - Fan Trailer

Alan Wake's American Nightmare - Fan Trailer - student project

Intro: I took this course to improve my video editing skills, more specifically, trailer editing. I have been editing for a while, on and off but decided to really dive deep into this area.

Project: I'm a huge fan of Remedy's games and decided to make a Fan Trailer for Alan Wake's American Nightmare, a sequel/spin-off of Alan Wake, a psychological thriller. For context, the original Alan Wake is a psychological thriller, while American Nightmare is, in the words of Sam Lake, "A pulp-action adventure, akin to Tarantino and From Dusk Until Dawn". So I tried to incorporate that action in the trailer while presenting some story.

I edited the trailer as I was watching the class and can say that I improved based on my first projects. 

I hope you find this video good and I am open to all sorts of feedback. 

Obs: The gameplay and cutscenes were captured using Nvidia Shadowplay, I added some SFXs and messed around with music and Premiere filters to try to make everything fit together(?). 


Original Version

Final Version after feedback.