Air Pump App

Air Pump App - student project

As a biker, there are so many times I've been out on the road with a relatively flat tire and thought "if only I knew where the closest bike shop was!" While its easy enough to Google, sometimes the shops are closed or don't have an air pump. I've also discovered a few public spots around universities and Citi bike racks that have public pumps.

I'd love to create an app simply and elegantly helps bikers find a nearby spot to put air in their tires. My app's definitely not going to change the world, but using Johny's tips I think it can make life easier for bike commuters (and even turn an annoying experience into something fun). I'm still at the stage of sketching out my designs and pulling inspiration. I want to make the experience of interacting with the app feel as "human" as possible, so I'm pulling as much as I can from real-world references: 

Once I'm further along, I'll come back and share my walkthrough video for feedback!