After Breakfast

After Breakfast - student project

My morning ritual project is probably a bit different than most that will end up on here — I moved out of NYC nearly a year ago, have never had a sip of coffee in my entire life, I don't own an iPhone and I don't have an instagram account. Never the less, this is what a typical morning looks like for a self-employed graphic designer/vegetable gardener/woven fabric apprentice in the Shenandoah Valley.

My husband goes to work early, so we typically eat a somewhat sloppy and very manly breakfast together each morning. He cooks and it's usually some variation of fresh, local veggies slopped together with scrambled eggs. After he leaves, my personal ritual of somewhat extreme tea consumption, email reading, and dog cuddling really kicks into high gear. I typically start with a cold chai latte with raw milk and move onto making a larger cup of green tea while I drink that and go about whatever business needs to be taken care of. I'm usually trying to do these things with my fully grown hound sitting in my lap insisting that she's still a little puppy (she's just a year old, so I guess she hasn't grasped that she's actually big now and I don't have the heart to break it to her). 

Vegetable Grower / Nature Lover