Adrianna Nault

Adrianna Nault - student project

Cassie had waited all month for Halloween to roll around, excited to go out with her big sister to party. Samantha had gone to school at NYU and stayed after graduating with her Masters to work, so Cassie had flown up from Oklahoma to meet her for the weekend. She was seven years younger than her big sister, and because she was only eighteen and a senior in high school, this was the first time her parents had reluctantly agreed to let her travel on her own. Although Cassie hadn't hated it as much as her sister, neither of them could wait to get out of the small hick town they had grown up in. Samantha had always adored her sister and let her get away with anything she wanted, so she was beyond excited to take her around the city and out to a real party. The older girl was waiting to pick up Cassie at the airport Friday afternoon, and after squealing when they saw each other, they went shopping for hours. Samantha had to go to an unexpected meeting at work Saturday afternoon, so she left Cassie at her apartment to get ready, leaving her directions to the party and promised to meet her there at ten. The older girl knew her sister had a wild side and was wanting to meet a college boy on the trip, so she had helped Cassie pick a really sexy costume. Samantha planned to keep an eye on her sister but she wanted the girl to be able to have some fun and let loose after being sheltered by their conservative parents all her life. Cassie spent hours getting ready, slowly drinking the wine her sister got her and growing more nervous the closer she got to being finished; partly due to her plan to fool around with a guy, but more so due to how revealing her costume was, despite how hot she felt in it. When she finally finished, she grabbed one of her sister's long coats to cover herself, then noticed an envelope with her name on it by the door. The note inside read, 'Cassie, I got something special just for you. Stick this under your tongue when you leave and we'll have a night you won't forget. - Sammy' Samantha had gotten some molly from a friend that had a little extra kick in it for lasting energy and a more intense feeling of euphoria. She knew Cassie had been drunk before so she was hoping the little pill would give her something new to be excited about, plus she wanted to be a cool sister. The effects wouldn't set in for close to ninety minutes, giving her plenty of time to get to the party first. She popped the pill in her mouth as she ran out the door, but unfortunately for Cassie, she got on the wrong train; and, even worse, she had been so excited to leave, and was running late, she forgot her cell phone, on top of leaving her purse behind since Samantha said she would cover everything. Cassie took the train sixteen stops then headed up to the street to walk seven blocks straight ahead off the stairs like she was told. The further she walked, the more uncomfortable she got, but she assumed it was safe or Samantha wouldn't have sent her that way. Finally, she got to the corner she thought she was looking for, but it was an abandoned building; and it was only then that she regretted she didn't have her cell phone to call Samantha. When Cassie turned to head back to the subway, three large men were walking across the street to meet her, making her heart start racing. She nervously told them she was looking for a Halloween party, then all three of them laughed as they looked her up and down. "We don't get many trick or treaters here girl, lets see that costume," the first guy said. "You can party with us baby, I got something sweet for ya," said another porn best bdsm porn Cassie had no idea what to do, she was only five foot two inches tall but all three of the enormous black men in their mid-thirties were muscular and clearly over six feet tall. On top of being short, she was also petite and skinny due to running cross country for her school, so she was not big enough to fight back if they grabbed her. Cassie stepped backwards, but one of the men caught the tail of her coat as she turned to run, pulling it off her shoulders as she jerked her arms out of it. "Holy shit girl! Why you runnin? You gotta be lookin for cock dressed like that," she heard being shouted behind her. Cassie ran as fast as she could, turning down an alley to try and lose the men; however, her body strangely began to tingle and she couldn't focus on where she was going, stumbling into a pile of empty boxes. She slowly regained her balance to continue running down the alley, but she found herself focusing on the wrong things as she became extremely aware of how exposed she was in her slutty Harley Quinn costume. Cassie was wearing short bright blue stiletto heels that added to her balance issues in her impaired state, with black fishnet tights that did nothing to cover her legs. At the encouragement of Samantha, not that she didn't want them, she had chosen the smallest pair of half blue half red sparkly booty shorts the store had, leaving the bottom half of her firm round ass uncovered erotic sex sites list. To spice up her look even more, and once again at the encouragement of her older sister, Cassie had opted to only wear a matching half blue half red sparkly bra instead of the typical 'Daddy's lil monster' ripped t-shirt; that had left her midriff completely exposed, plus the bra was low cut too, barely covering her nipples as it was clinging to her perky C cup breasts and pushing them up as they bounced with every step. Lastly, to complete her look, she had died her long brown hair bright white then colored the ends half bright blue and half hot pink, pulling each side up into curly ponytails on either side of her head and adding matching eye shadow with deep red lipstick to go with her light-colored makeup. She was a country girl so she had smooth lightly tanned skin from being outside all the time, and the chilly October air gave her goose bumps all over her body. Cassie could feel her small pink nipples were hard from the cold, and the ends of her ponytails tickled her neck and shoulders as they brushed over them repeatedly. She was trying as hard as she could to fix her eyes on the end of the alley but she kept getting distracted by the spotlights circling around on the clouds. Cassie thought she had been running faster than she ever had before, momentarily forgetting why she was even running, but she yelped in surprise when one of the guys wrapped his arms around her from behind. He laughed as he declared, "You must be trippin the way you swayin back and forth." Before she knew it the three men were in a circle around the small white girl, nearly salivating as they checked her out and called out filthy things at her. "I'm gonna bust that tight little ass open!" one said. "You ever sucked a big black cock before?" said another. The man holding her quipped, "God damn look at this ho! We could bank pimpin yo ass out!" Cassie jumped when the guy behind her spanked her ass, surprised to feel the sensation reverberate through her entire body. After hesitating a second she turned around to shout at him but one of the guys now behind her ripped her bra off, bursting the straps and the clip in front. Cassie shrieked and grabbed her boobs to cover them; but by that time the pill was in full effect, meaning her fingers digging into her soft breasts was titillating, not to mention the arousal her hands gave her from brushing across her pointy nipples. It was all she could do to stifle a whimper from slipping out, so when she tried to demand the men stop, it came out as a soft half-hearted plea that only turned them on even more. One of them grabbed her forearms from behind and pulled them back, then the guy in front of her flicked her nipples before he started lightly pinching and pulling them. Cassie tried to protest as adamantly as she could but the sensation was overwhelming her, and that was before the third guy added to her quickly descending situation. She could feel something rubbing across the outside of her shorts but the feeling of cold metal on her lower ass was distinct. The third guy slipped the blade of a knife under the edge of her booty shorts and sliced them open from bottom to top, catching her tights as well, ripping the remainder off Cassie with his hands and throwing it away like her bra. She gasped and bit her lower lip when the man smacked her ass then slowly ran his hands up her inner thigh. Cassie let out a moan when he reached her pussy, barely brushing his fingers across her lips. All she had left on was her hot pink string thong, boots, and half her tights that had been shredded down to her knees when her shorts were ripped off. "Look at this pretty little shaved pussy boys, its already wet and ready to go," the man exclaimed excitedly as he popped the string thong against her ass. Suddenly, all three men let go of her, but Cassie didn't try to run, she just rubbed her hands down her side around to her ass. She could feel the wetness on her pussy lips in the cold air and her nipples were so hard they would've probably cut through a shirt if she had one on. Cassie had been so caught up in what she was feeling, she never noticed the men were stripping, but she yelped as one of them yanked her thong off and grabbed her hips from behind, picking her up. The man had his hands around her waist just above her ass, spinning her around so she was hanging upside down in the air. As Cassie tried to steady herself to get her bearings, she put her hands on the man's thighs to push herself up with her legs spread wide open, knees by each of the man's shoulders with her feet pointed up in the air. Just as she was about to yell at him to put her down, she felt his tongue lick across her pussy, and it was so large it felt like her entire hand rubbing across her lips. He immediately forced his tongue in her making Cassie gasp, she had never felt anything like it. The man's tongue was bigger than her last boyfriend's penis, and although she had given him several blow jobs, he had refused to go down on her. The sensation made her throw her head back and straighten her arms out all the way as she moaned and clenched her toes and fists. A million things were running through her mind while the man's tongue thrashed around inside her, quickly drawing her focus more and more to how horny she was. "That feels amazing! I have to stop this! OHH GOD, I think I might cum!" Cassie thought, but all that she managed to get out audibly was, "OHH! FFFUUuuhhhggghhhh...". No guy had made Cassie orgasm before, she had slept with a couple different boys but they had only lasted less than a minute, and the few times one of them had tried to finger her were not enjoyable experiences either. She could feel her pussy quivering as she arched her back, but the overwhelming feeling was interrupted when her hands slipped down the man's legs. She had been holding onto a handful of his boxers but she pulled them down as she slipped, springing his cock free and allowing it to bounce up to slap her across the face. Cassie stared in disbelief at the massive cock in front of her face, instinctually reaching for it after hesitating momentarily; meanwhile, the man had used his big hands to grab both her ass cheeks to catch her, pulling her back up to his face as he spread her pussy lips with the tips of his fingers and drove his tongue deeper inside her. Even though she could feel the orgasm she was denied rebuilding inside her almost immediately, her mind was focused on the rock-hard shaft inches from her face. She wrapped both hands around the cock, amazed her tiny fingers almost didn't reach all the way around it, then slowly ran her right hand all the way up to the tip as she cradled it in her arm. Once again, she stopped because she was astonished it was nearly as big as her arm, but she cried out when she felt her pussy gush from the biggest orgasm of her life. Cassie weakly pleaded, "Noooo, don't stop," before she could catch herself when the guy spun her around and dropped her back on her feet with her legs wobbling under her so bad she almost collapsed. Her face was burning red and juices were running down her legs, so she cupped her pussy in one of her hands to cover herself; however, her body betrayed her again because her still twitching pussy sent tingling sensation through her when her fingers brushed against her enflamed clit. Cassie slipped her middle finger inside herself without thinking in response, and she used her other hand that had been covering her breasts to pinch her nipple while she twisted it gently. It all happened so fast and she was so lost in her own ecstasy she jumped when one of the men laughed and said, "Fuck! I knew you was a slut, but DAMN girl!" Cassie jerked the finger out but the man behind her pushed his cock between her legs, rubbing across her pussy and making her whimper longingly. She clamped her legs closed as the man slid his shaft back and forth to try and stop him, but she was already way too wet and was unable to stifle the moan that slipped out from the stimulation. Cassie's knees buckled when the man pulled back and for the first time she saw all three of the big black cocks as she looked up at them from the ground. Her mouth was gaping open as she stared wide eyed in amazement, realizing the first one she had held was actually the smallest. As if she were entranced, Cassie slowly reached out for the other two cocks, grabbing one in each hand. The one on her left seemed about the same thickness as the first one, just a couple inches longer; but, the one on her right was considerably thicker, shorter than the first by several inches yet so fat it seemed her fingers could hardly wrap around half of it. Before she could react, the man in front of her pushed the tip of his cock in her mouth as he grabbed the back of her head to keep her from jerking back. Cassie tensed up, squeezing the cocks in her hands as she pulled on them and looked up at the man as he said, "Time to return the favor after I had you gushing a minute ago." "This little slut aint never seen a real cock before, she can't handle our shit," taunted the man on the left as the first cock pushed against Cassie's throat, making her try to pull back again but failing as the man held her firmly in place. After gagging a couple times, she managed to adjust, then the man pulled down on her hair to make her look up at him as he resumed pushing into her throat. Cassie tried to fight off gagging to prove she could hold her own, but she was obsessing over the massive cock stretching her throat, wanting to take more all on her own. It felt like steel between her teeth, so big she was compelled to force more into her throat as she wiggled amateur porn sites/  her head back and forth, squeezing the cocks in her hands as she began jerking them off; thinking to herself, "Their cocks are so huge! Its so fucking manly, I have to show them I'm not a little girl." Cassie pushed the last few inches of the man's cock into her throat triumphantly, but she was completely caught off guard when he pinched her nose closed and held himself all the way in her until she was grabbing his hand on the back of her head. He eventually let her heave in air, laughing as he stepped back jerking his slimy cock in one hand and holding her up by her hair as she continued to hold onto his arm with both hands behind her head in front of him. She squealed when hot cum blasted her face and chest, startled by the man's ability to spray five thick streaks on her. Cassie had jerked off her ex-boyfriend onto her chest once and he had dripped two small pumps on top of one breast, but this man had cum running down both breasts and off her face; she was utterly amazed again, and insanely turned on as she licked her lips and exhaled in release. She could feel the hot cum steaming on her at first and just for a second, she wondered what it would feel like to sleep with one of the men. "Maybe I was wrong, but let's see her swallow my cock," the man on he left said as he shoved himself inside her mouth. Cassie gagged hard while he forced his cock all the way in, trying to push back as he grabbed her ponytails and rammed the final few extra inches in her. He gave her no time to recover either because he began fucking her throat immediately, pounding her fast enough she had to just grab his ass for balance and hold on. Even though she hated the man, Cassie found his dominance and roughness thrilling, and her tongue and head were buzzing from the stimulation his throbbing cock was causing. Knowing he was trying to break her, Cassie grabbed his balls in one hand and massaged them to make him cum, licking the base of his cock with her tongue as wildly as she could as she held his cock all the way in her throat. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head as she felt his load explode in her throat, filling her mouth as he pulled out a few seconds later. Cassie swallowed the cum and thought to herself, "Holy shit it tastes amazing!" She rubbed her hands down her chest as she shivered in the chilly air, but she gasped when her cold fingers brushed her swollen clit. The massive cocks had her pussy dripping, and while she gently rubbed herself, she looked around for the third cock, trying to suck it so her mind would stop telling her to let him inside her. All three guys laughed as Cassie rubbed her clit with one hand and eagerly began massaging the guy's balls as she forced his cock in her throat. The man pushed himself deeper, making her gag as she tried to stretch her mouth open further around the enormous cock. "I'm gonna break your jaw if you keep this up, let's make that aching pussy crave black cock for life." She shook her head no and tried again to force the thick shaft in her throat, but she had to pull back gasping for air. The man grabbed her arm, pulling her hand up in front of Cassie's face to make her look at the juices running down her fingers and said, "Baby, you beggin for that shit, don't act all innocent now." She was admittedly surprised by how wet her fingers were, and the man's cock being so thick she couldn't take it was making the curious voice in her head even louder. The two other guys stepped back in front of her as Cassie crossed her arms and said, "You're way to big, none of you could fit in me!" However, she trailed off as she became fixated on the two completely hard cocks in front of her, grabbing each and squeezing, shocked to find them almost feeling harder than the first time she drained them hot "How can you be so hard again already?!?" Cassie said in awe. The guys moved so close their cocks were nearly pressed against Cassie's face, just as she was about to lift up to suck one in her mouth she was suddenly pulled backwards. In one motion the third guy grabbed her by the hips to lift her up then ram her down on his cock as he laid down under her. Cassie screamed as her pussy was so forcibly stretched open and abusively filled it made her curse and panic; that was, until euphoria flooded over her when her gushing pussy began spasming on the raging hard shaft, not noticing the few spectators she was beginning to draw. Samantha left the party once Cassie was fifteen minutes late and not responding to her calls, walking to the train station quickly then calling a private car to drive home. When she figured out Cassie left her phone and must have gotten lost, she started freaking out, worried because she was missing and had taken the pill. Assuming she probably boarded the train on the wrong side of the tracks, Samantha followed the directions she gave the younger girl. She had the car drop her off at the train station then took off running down the street seven blocks. When she got to the intersection Samantha was breathing heavily from running, frantically looking around for signs of Cassie and finding her coat on the ground, sprinting across the street after hearing a commotion in the alley nearby.