Adelaide / Tokyo *Updated* NYC

Adelaide / Tokyo *Updated* NYC - student project

After graduating in IT, my career path is limiting me artistically. I studied art and design in school, but never really experimented with photography. I would see friends playing around with cameras taking photos and they encouraged me to get involved, which led me to purchase my first camera 10 months ago.

Living in the small city of Adelaide, Australia - our city has the bare minimum but I'm making it work. I’m really happy that I picked up a camera and the creative outlet it's given me. I want to put it on for my city because no one has really ever heard of this place.

I also recently travelled to Japan (the place and the people are incredible) so I’ve also included a few photos from my trip for the class. Thanks for taking time out to do the class Jamal, been following your IG and it's dope! I would love to get over to Toronto.

**Update** - it's been a few years since I took part in this class. It's great to come back and check out other people's projects they've shared. I've added a couple new images from two trips to New York back in 2016 & 2017 that I hope you like.




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